China’s Viral, Minute-Long Sex Ed Videos

(via Youku/Fair Use)

A collection of sex education videos have just gone, ahem, viral on the Chinese Internet. On Oct. 29, a three-person team calling itself the “Nutcracker Studio” released three one-minute clips addressing tough topics in childhood sex education, such …

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Why ’2 Broke Girls’ Is All the Rage in China


In China’s battle between cupcakes and Communists, the cupcakes appear to be winning. While Chinese President Xi Jinping promotes the “Chinese Dream” of national rejuvenation with mixed success, the U.S. sitcom 2 Broke Girls has drawn Chinese audiences by depicting a more modest dream: the …

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Today's Most Viral Image: The Horrible Foreigner

It’s a classic narrative. Foreigner comes to China; is enchanted; learns fluent Chinese; makes meaningful and lasting connections with host country. makes complete fool of self; terrorizes local population; is beaten and arrested; is then pilloried …

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Humour — A Two Way Street

It is no secret that thousands of netizens scale the Great Firewall of China, one of the Eight Wonders of the cyber-world, to obtain information from the outside. But are there others trying to get in? Reporter …

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