Tea Time Chat — Are You a ‘Diaosi’?

Diaosi by Samautu_Flickr

Welcome to Tea Time Chat, a real-time discussion between Tea Leaf Nation writers about the issues that matter to them.  Last month, TLN‘s Claire Zhang had this to say about China’s growing ranks of so-called “Diaosi”: “Diaosi” originated …

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A Love Song Called the Great Wall of China

It was a drab February day in 2009. I sat in my college dorm room four floors above York Street, drinking instant coffee and languorously gazing out the window at pedestrians below—miniature fortresses of warmth …

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Hurdles Face New Duke U. Venture in Kunshan, China

Duke’s coming to China. In August, 2012, China’s Ministry of Education approved Duke University’s proposal to build a new college in Kunshan, Jiangsu province, named Duke Kunshan University (DKU). A cooperative venture between Wuhan University …

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