Say It Ain’t So, Zhou


It was an exchange perfectly tailored for modern Chinese politics: alternately unscripted and cagey, chummy but laced with a hint of menace. At a Beijing press conference following a Chinese Communist Party meeting in early …

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K-Pop, Cat GIFs, and Constitutionalism


Much ink has been spilled over the Chinese government’s crackdown on online speech. Since September 2013, Chinese authorities have arrested or detained hundreds of microbloggers, some of whom had become famous for posting comments critical of the government on …

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In China, A New Space for New Questions

(Screenshot from

Out of democracy, rule of law and freedom, what does China most need now? What is the difference between loving one’s country and loving the government? What is freedom of speech – or, for that matter, freedom? With Facebook, Youtube, Twitter …

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Coming to Chinese Headlines in 2014

(AFP/Getty Images)

Chinese people have spent another year breathing dirty air, fretting about food safety, poking fun at corrupt officials, and complaining about tightening censorship — but as a discerning consumer of international news, you probably knew that already. So what else is new in …

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