Of Roses and Rice Balls

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Due to a coincidence of the lunar and solar calendars, Lantern Festival, the last day of China’s 15-day-long Lunar New Year celebration, fell on Feb. 14th – Valentine’s Day. One user of Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter, joked he would mediate the …

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Top Ten Worst Gifts On Chinese Valentine’s Day

“If love between the two is eternal, why do they have to be together day and night?” (“两情若是久长时,又岂在朝朝暮暮?”) Depicting the love between the Cowherd and the Weaver girl, two stars separated by the Milky Way, …

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Chengdu's Police in Hot Pursuit of Love

Mothers, lock up your daughters! Or maybe that’s a job best left to a police force that netizens have described as “handsome” and “dreamy.” On February 6, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, Chengdu’s Wuhou …

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