Check Out the Communist Party’s Account on WeChat


HONG KONG — It’s a growth story that would make many Silicon Valley venture capitalists swoon: a once-tiny, secretive group of 13 members blooming into a network of around 86 million, plus a killer app that no other competitor …

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Be My Friend and Buy From Me


“It is just like WeChat: you never know which friend will try to sell you something next.” Thus wrote  one Chinese blogger,bemoaning the proliferation of peer-to-peer commercialism on WeChat, or Weixin in Chinese. It’s China’s hottest social network, a …

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Why Is The Big Bang Theory Big in China?

(via Weibo/Fair Use)

When producers at U.S. network CBS launched a show in 2007 chronicling the daily lives and dating woes of four nerdy California Institute of Technology scientists and their cute female neighbor, they almost certainly didn’t …

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Victory in WeChat War: How Tea Leaf Readers Got It Right

(Via Bigstockphoto)

A resounding victory has been scored against China’s all-powerful state-owned telecom operators — a victory for innovative, life-changing technology, for private enterprises and entrepreneurs, and for millions of users who came together on China’s social …

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