London’s Hong Kong Blunder


Thirty years ago this autumn, the United Kingdom and China agreed to negotiate the return of Hong Kong to Chinese sovereignty, after 142 years of British control. The news lifted Hong Kong’s then-anxious stock and …

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In China, Shrugs and Sneers for Hong Kong Protesters


The swelling ranks of Hong Kong protesters demanding more of a say in their city’s future have inspired wide admiration among Western observers for their peacefulness, their cleanliness, and their democratic aspirations. But among mainland Chinese, they …

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‘Today’s Hong Kong, Today’s Taiwan’


As protesters calling for universal suffrage continue to fill streets in downtown Hong Kong, some in Taiwan — which has its own government and military, but which mainland China considers a rogue province — have …

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No Umbrellas for China’s Las Vegas


Around 800 people, mostly students, gathered in Friendship Square in the center of Macau on Oct. 1, waving yellow ribbons and their phones as they sang “Do you hear the people sing?” from Les Miserables, …

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A Turning Point for Hong Kong


HONG KONG — Future generations may well commemorate Sept. 28, 2014 in the history of Hong Kong as the day when the famously apolitical city turned unmistakably political. Tens of thousands of protesters, calling for “true democracy” — that …

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The Revolution Will Not Be Instagrammed


As Hong Kong’s streets rock with protests and what many feel is a draconian police response, Chinese cyberspace is erupting with bitter complaints about yet another instance of blanket censorship. On Sept. 28, Chinese web …

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‘What’s So Wrong with Splitting up?’


It reads like an Orwellian threat to all Scots: “The English government needs to immediately commence political thought education, and Scotland needs to be ruled by someone patriotic. Strike hard against separatist forces! Let every …

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