The Best of China’s Internet From 2012

(Ludie Cochrane/Flickr)

This article also appeared in The Atlantic, a Tea Leaf Nation partner site. What a year it has been on the Chinese Internet. In Chinese politics, 2012 brought a long-anticipated leadership transition at the highest …

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After Sensitivities, A Sharp Online Wit Silenced

Another one bites the dust. Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter, has lost major voices due to censorship before, including lawyer He Weifang, historian Zhang Ming, activist Yu Jianrong, and economist Han Zhiguo. Yesterday, followers of @作业本 …

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Voices — The Five Secrets Of China's Economy

Han Zhiguo (@韩志国), a social-media savvy economist profiled in these pages, has tweeted his (somewhat depressing) “Five Secrets of the Chinese Economy” on Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter: 1. The driving force behind development is the …

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