Is China Losing its ‘Last Fair Path’ to Prosperity?


From the look of things, it’s getting harder to be a cheater in China.The antifraud mechanisms used during China’s most recent annual college entrance exam, commonly known as the gaokao, have been compared to counter-terrorism measures. The parallel …

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Trending on Weibo: #AIDSPatientsCanBeTeachers#

(via Flickr/SimonQ錫濛譙)

In the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, often called Canton, carriers of the AIDS virus are now allowed to teach schoolchildren. The recently-announced change in regulations marks a step forward for AIDS activists, with the …

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Model UN in China: Money, Censorship and Romance

(Via Bigstockphoto)

Model United Nations, a popular college- and high school-level extracurricular activity in the U.S. and Europe, has come to China. Students play delegates to simulated UN committees and compete for “best delegate” awards. This activity …

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