Mapping China’s Wealth


SHANGHAI — Conversations about China have long stopped asking if decades of breakneck growth have widened the gap between rich and poor. English-language media is now more likely to focus on whether the country’s inequality is merely as …

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A Capital Idea


After heading southwest from Beijing for two and half hours on a highway, a traveler might decide to stretch her legs at Baoding, a medium-sized city of under two million people. She would almost certainly not think …

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Guess Who Opposes China’s New Olympic Bid

(Getty Images)

Beijing’s latest bid for the Olympic Games is getting off to a rough start. On Nov. 5, China’s Olympic Committee announced that the capital city had applied to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, with some events to …

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Is China Saying Goodbye to ‘Hello’?

(Via Tim Graham/Getty Images)

Interest in learning Chinese may be growing in the United States, but English-language studies in China could very well be on the wane. On Oct. 21, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, the organization that decides …

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