Just How Corrupt Are These People?

This photo taken on March 5, 2009 shows

BEIJING — If the prominence of a social phenomenon can be gauged in part by the variety of terms used to describe it — like the (apocryphal) notion that Eskimos employ an unusual plentitude of …

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How to Say ‘Truthiness’ in Chinese

(AFP/Getty Images)

“Official rumors” is more than just an oxymoron. The phrase — pronounced guanyao – has become a useful weapon in Chinese Internet users’ linguistic guerrilla warfare against government censorship. That battle has intensified during a government-led crackdown on “online …

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Chinese Censors Up the Ante, And Two Newspapers Resist

The Beijing News refused to post the Global Times' harsh editorial.

Following the series of protests against heavy-handed censorship of China’s influential weekly paper Southern Weekend, the state-run Global Times recently ran an editorial that criticized employees of the paper for their protests and their strike. …

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