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When you write for Tea Leaf Nation, you will join a team that is both cutting edge and old fashioned. Cutting edge, because our cross-cultural team is part of a growing movement that uses the Internet and social media to make the world a more connected place, one where cultural, linguistic and political barriers no longer apply. Old fashioned, because we believe in solid research and analysis, logical rigor, and craftsmanship in every sentence.

Guest authors in Tea Leaf Nation will enjoy exposure to an engaged, highly influential, and rapidly growing readership with a keen focus on China. Those wishing to build or establish their bona fides as a China-watcher may find this opportunity especially attractive. Past contributors have called writing for Tea Leaf Nation surprisingly fun, interesting, and meaningful.

We take great pride in the quality of our writing, the spirit of curiosity and affection that animates our collective work, and above all, the amazing community of people that share our passion to make Tea Leaf Nation a success. We hope you’ll join us. Please drop us a line at david.wertime at foreignpolicy dot com and rachel.lu at foreignpolicy dot com.

Please note:

⇰ We generally, but not always, require our writers to have good or excellent Chinese reading skills.

⇰ Although we always require our writers to have good or excellent English writing skills, it doesn’t have to be your first language. We can easily fix minor mistakes that non-native speakers tend to make.

⇰ You do not have to have published anything to write for Tea Leaf Nation. We trust ourselves to discover and train new talent.

⇰ We only have two iron-clad requirements for written work. One, it must be of high quality. Two, it must tell the reader something larger about China, as we try to link all of our stories to the larger issues and trends facing the country.

⇰ Please read through our site to gain a sense of how we write, and what we write about, before reaching out.

⇰ Please do not reach out with generic “guest blogging” offers that are not germane to Tea Leaf Nation’s specific focus.

Please tell us in your email:

What is your first language? Do you have advanced Chinese reading skills? Can you read other languages besides English and Chinese?

Please include one or two ideas for stories you think would interest our readers.

Please tell us more about your background. In particular, what credentials (work, education, writing experience, life experience) would make readers feel comfortable trusting your commentary on China and its Internet?

We would highly appreciate it if you could attach a writing sample, if available.

Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you. 

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  • karcian

    hi good day, first of all every one has a different opinion on chinese women for me am a west indiean . chinese women are far more charming and are very understanding
    yes very smart, if you make the right move and do not have any bad habits of quarreling a lot not being clean or tidy etc, these women any man can live with and no they do not want to control you it is in their nature to help you a lot. in my country many women hold almost the best jobs and yet they want to take charge of men.
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  • Judy Chen

    Hi, I am a teacher from iChineseLearning, an online Chinese school. I am interested in sharing my feelings teaching Chinese. Is this kind of article suitable for this site? Thank you.

  • Tom Watkins

    Ni Hao
    I have a life long interest in China sparked by a great 4th grade teacher in Washinton, DC in the mid 60′s. I have traced throughout China on dozens of trips since 1989. My first rip corresponded with Tiananmen Sq where I spent 3 nights with the students.

    My first language is English and no, I can’t read Chinese. I have written several articles about China vet the years, including here: Chinausfocus.com

    I have written a col on South China Sea I could send now– but my interest are as broad as environment, mental health and education and all things China in between.

    I have an eclectic background and interest serving as a state superintendent of schools, state mental health director, professor and business leader.