‘Today’s Hong Kong, Today’s Taiwan’


As protesters calling for universal suffrage continue to fill streets in downtown Hong Kong, some in Taiwan — which has its own government and military, but which mainland China considers a rogue province — have …

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No Umbrellas for China’s Las Vegas


Around 800 people, mostly students, gathered in Friendship Square in the center of Macau on Oct. 1, waving yellow ribbons and their phones as they sang “Do you hear the people sing?” from Les Miserables, …

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The Flame of Chinese Nationalism


September 18 will mark 83 years since Japanese troops crossed into northeastern China, beginning the last chapter in China’s self-described “national humiliation” at the hands of foreign powers. Memories of  war with Japan remain raw …

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China’s Most Popular Government Feed


The Chinese government institution with the biggest social media following goes to…the nationwide anti-vice campaign called “Strike the four blacks, Eliminate the four harms.” Da Sihei, Chu Sihai in Mandarin, the four blacks and four harms are: …

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Hong Kong’s Inconvenient Truth


Around Hong Kong, the former British colony now subject to Chinese sovereignty, the central government in Beijing is widely, though none-too-fondly, called “Grandpa.” Implicit in this moniker is what Siu-keung Cheung, a sociologist at Shue …

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