Clash of the State-Owned Titans


In a rare incidence of one Chinese state behemoth directly attacking another, China Central Television (CCTV), with access to over one billion viewers, ran a report on July 9 accusing the Bank of China (BOC), the nation’s largest foreign …

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Mapping China’s New Supercity


SHANGHAI — Move over, Beijing — and watch out, BosWash. Just weeks after national economic planners declared they would build the area around China’s capital into a 100-million strong megacity, researchers at the Chinese Academy of …

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A Portrait of Jack Ma as a Young Man (And an Artist)


The fizzy anticipation surrounding Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group’s U.S. listing is a curious blend: equal parts investor giddiness (its initial public offering, or IPO, might be richer than Facebook’s) and tart caution (the company is too secretive, abets piracy and fraud, has iffy corporate …

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Be My Friend and Buy From Me


“It is just like WeChat: you never know which friend will try to sell you something next.” Thus wrote  one Chinese blogger,bemoaning the proliferation of peer-to-peer commercialism on WeChat, or Weixin in Chinese. It’s China’s hottest social network, a …

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Mapping China’s Wealth


SHANGHAI — Conversations about China have long stopped asking if decades of breakneck growth have widened the gap between rich and poor. English-language media is now more likely to focus on whether the country’s inequality is merely as …

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Ugly Site? That’s No Bar to IPO Riches


Chinese online recruiter – zhaopin means “to hire” — is not a pretty site. Those surfing to the homepage are met with hundreds of logos and brands crammed together like bumper stickers. But looks are deceiving: Zhaopin Ltd is one …

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Why There Are No Credit Scores in China


HONG KONG — Few would dispute that Chinese society suffers from a serious trust problem. After surviving crafty scams and shoddy products for years, Chinese people have become guarded with strangers and cautious in business dealings. …

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The Chinese Are Coming! (And That’s OK)


WASHINGTON, D.C. — On April 29, the United States Chamber of Commerce, a U.S. lobbying group, announced that Chinese investment in the United States surpassed U.S. investment in China for the first time. The news has been …

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Chinese to the World: Ignore Our GDP


The U.S.-based World Bank grabbed everybody’s attention by announcing that China was poised to displace the United States as the world’s largest economy based on purchasing power. But a survey of the Chinese web shows …

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WeChat Has Facebook in Its Crosshair


Better watch out, Facebook. China’s hottest mobile messaging-cum-social media app is out on the prowl, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s 1.23 billion user global social networking empire may be in its crosshairs. WeChat, a popular app by …

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Can Crowdfunding Change China?


Crowdfunding, which allows web users to contribute small sums of money to fund collective projects like concerts and films, is taking off in China — and just how far it will go is more than …

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