How to Buy Banned Chinese Books on Alibaba

AFP/Getty Images

On Oct. 10, rumors began to circulate on Weibo, China’s Twitter, that a new group of scholars had been banned from publishing their books in the mainland, while booksellers there would be prohibited from selling works by …

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For Alibaba’s Small Business Army, a Narrowing Path


Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba plans an initial public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange expected to raise approximately $20 billion as early as Sept. 18, celebration is surely in order for the company’s executives. But for millions of …

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Clash of the State-Owned Titans


In a rare incidence of one Chinese state behemoth directly attacking another, China Central Television (CCTV), with access to over one billion viewers, ran a report on July 9 accusing the Bank of China (BOC), the nation’s largest foreign …

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Mapping China’s New Supercity


SHANGHAI — Move over, Beijing — and watch out, BosWash. Just weeks after national economic planners declared they would build the area around China’s capital into a 100-million strong megacity, researchers at the Chinese Academy of …

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A Portrait of Jack Ma as a Young Man (And an Artist)


The fizzy anticipation surrounding Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group’s U.S. listing is a curious blend: equal parts investor giddiness (its initial public offering, or IPO, might be richer than Facebook’s) and tart caution (the company is too secretive, abets piracy and fraud, has iffy corporate …

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