A ‘System Bitch’ Dissents

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A debate on Hong Kong suffrage prompted a sharp-tongued columnist for a small Communist Party newspaper in central China to unleash a pro-democracy rant on the Twitter-like Weibo social media platform on Nov. 15, drawing …

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China’s Silk Road Strategy

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As Beijing hosts this year’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum slated to run through Nov. 11, the United States and China are locked in behind-the-scenes competition over free trade agreements. The United States is promoting the Trans-Pacific …

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‘The Sky Is Really Blue, But It Isn’t for Us’


From Nov. 5 to Nov. 11, Beijing is hosting the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, an important annual meeting. To prevent Beijing’s notorious bouts of smog from distracting from the meeting, the Chinese government took a number of …

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