Nine Tips for “Drinking Tea” With Chinese Police


Back in September 2012, Tea Leaf Nation translated in part one Chinese journalist’s first person account of his “tea-drinking” session, a euphemism for police interrogation. Recently, Oiwan Lam of Global Voices translated the nine tips shared by social …

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Voices: Would you dine with a migrant worker?

In a society increasingly divided between the haves and the have-nots, migrant workers who leave their homes in the countryside for jobs in China’s cities often find themselves right at the bottom of the urban …

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Today's Most Viral Image: Lost and Found

There are good people everywhere–including in rough and tumble China. With over 15,000 reposts, the image of a (rather well-appointed) wallet and its return is Sina Weibo’s most viral image of May 25, 2012, according …

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