In China, Shrugs and Sneers for Hong Kong Protesters


The swelling ranks of Hong Kong protesters demanding more of a say in their city’s future have inspired wide admiration among Western observers for their peacefulness, their cleanliness, and their democratic aspirations. But among mainland Chinese, they …

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The Revolution Will Not Be Instagrammed


As Hong Kong’s streets rock with protests and what many feel is a draconian police response, Chinese cyberspace is erupting with bitter complaints about yet another instance of blanket censorship. On Sept. 28, Chinese web …

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China’s Social Media Underground


The date was June 4, 2014. In Hong Kong, tens of thousands of residents would soon be converging to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the crackdown on anti-government protests in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square that may have killed hundreds …

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Love Country = Love Party?


China’s ruling Communist Party has a message for Chinese citizens: You are for us, or you are against us. That’s the takeaway from a widely discussed Sept. 10 opinion piece in pro-party tabloid Global Times, in which …

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Check Out the Communist Party’s Account on WeChat


HONG KONG — It’s a growth story that would make many Silicon Valley venture capitalists swoon: a once-tiny, secretive group of 13 members blooming into a network of around 86 million, plus a killer app that no other competitor …

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Months Later, a Cyberattack Still Lingers


Upon hearing that a major gas explosion had ripped through the southern Taiwan port city of Kaohsiung on August 1, killing at least 22 and injuring 270, many of the more than 1.8 million overseas Taiwanese instinctively turned to …

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