Meet China’s Most Famous Single Dad


The scandal is more than 2,500 years old; but to the Chinese Internet, it feels fresh and exciting. State media People’s Daily has called it an “ancient celebrity divorce storm,” and one reader on microblogging platform Weibo asked, hopefully as …

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China’s Multibillion-Dollar Pastime


Bettors beware. A June 20 newspaper report from Haikou, the capital of Hainan island — sometimes called China’s Hawaii for its palm-studded beach hotels – reported the story of a local 32-year-old mother who lost more than $16,000* betting on …

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Leaning In — to Chinese Corruption


It is no secret that graft is an essential part of climbing the Chinese Communist Party ranks. Now, according to Chinese state media, ambitious female cadres are increasingly being caught taking bribes and trading favors. On June …

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Is China Losing its ‘Last Fair Path’ to Prosperity?


From the look of things, it’s getting harder to be a cheater in China.The antifraud mechanisms used during China’s most recent annual college entrance exam, commonly known as the gaokao, have been compared to counter-terrorism measures. The parallel …

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Meet China’s Legions of Military Fanboys


The posts read like a cross between an intelligence report, a video game, and a niche photo-sharing site. “I’ve got pictures of the Global Liberation Army’s littoral combat ships,” one anonymous Chinese Internet user boasts. Another shares …

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China Gets Older and Lonelier


Four Generations Under One Roof, a 1940s novel by author Lao She about life in Beijing under Japanese occupation, describes what was then an archetypal Chinese family: large, multigenerational, and united. But in modern China, …

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