Journey of the ‘Sea Turtles’


To one user posting on MITBBS, a website that caters to mainland Chinese living in the United States, even a U.S. green card and a job that pays $100,000 a year would feel like like “a fate …

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Coming to Chinese Headlines in 2014

(AFP/Getty Images)

Chinese people have spent another year breathing dirty air, fretting about food safety, poking fun at corrupt officials, and complaining about tightening censorship — but as a discerning consumer of international news, you probably knew that already. So what else is new in …

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Vanity Fail — Meet China’s ‘Shamate’

(Fair Use/Shangdu)

On Nov. 5, a Chinese blogger posted three photos of a young man in spiky hair for his 1.6 million followers on Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter. “Caught a live shamate on the street today,” he wrote gleefully, adding that …

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Meet China’s Jack Kerouac

(Via Youku/Fair Use)

The portly Chinese man strolled through an open-air market, holding an AK-47 to his chest, surrounded by six gun-toting security guards. Under a crystal-blue sky sat a nightmarish urban scene: walls ridden by bullet holes, …

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Is Social Media Censorship of a Deadly Flood Backfiring?

(Via Weibo/By '

Social media once played a vital role in Chinese citizen’s response to natural disasters. When a 6.9-magnitude earthquake struck Sichuan province in April 2012, citizens there used Weibo, China’s Twitter-like microblogging platform, to share information and coordinate …

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Is College Still Worth It in Today’s China?

Students in China often take additional evening classes to prepare for the all-important college entrance examination (via Flickr/Aaron.huo)

While other freshmen were busy setting up their dorm rooms and exploring campus with their parents, the 19-year-old (and pseudonymous) Lingling was stuck at home the first week of September, fighting with her father about …

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Tea Time Chat — Are You a ‘Diaosi’?

Diaosi by Samautu_Flickr

Welcome to Tea Time Chat, a real-time discussion between Tea Leaf Nation writers about the issues that matter to them.  Last month, TLN‘s Claire Zhang had this to say about China’s growing ranks of so-called “Diaosi”: “Diaosi” originated …

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