Yueran Zhang

senior contributor

Yueran Zhang is a student at Duke University, class of 2015, currently majoring in sociology and math. He spent all of his life before college in Beijing.

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The Taiwan in My Mind

(AFP/Getty Images)

I have always found it difficult to talk about Taiwan. Growing up in Mainland China, I heard about it all the time: in newspapers, on soapy television miniseries, and in my history classes.  Yet all …

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‘The Renminbi Is Failing the Chinese People’

(AFP/Getty Images)

U.S. government officials have long complained that China’s currency, the renminbi (RMB), is undervalued. In April 2010, Rep. Daniel Lipinski (D-IL) accused China of keeping its money cheap in order to make exports attractive, and thus “steal …

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Tax Cuts in China! But What Are the Consequences?

The People's Bank of China (via Flickr/禁书网中国禁闻)

Facing the slowdown of China’s economic growth, China’s central government has adopted expansionary fiscal policies to rejuvenate the economy as it did in 2008. Yet two policy-related announcements from the past two weeks suggest that …

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A Baffling Trend in China’s GDP Statistics


In April, China’s central government and provincial authorities released data on the country’s economic performance for the first quarter of 2013. On April 15, the National Bureau of Statistics announced that the country’s year-on-year real …

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