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Rachel Lu is a co-founder of Tea Leaf Nation. Rachel traces her ancestry to Southern China. She spent much of her childhood memorizing Chinese poetry. After long stints in New York, New Haven and Cambridge, she has returned to China to bear witness to its great transformation. She is currently based in China.

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Chinese Corruption, Now Officially Hilarous

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Corruption is finally funny — at least, according to the Chinese Communist Party. That’s because comedic performances in the upcoming Feb. 18 performance of China’s annual New Year Gala, a variety show on China Central Television …

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Coming to Chinese Headlines in 2015

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At the end of 2013, FP’s Tea Leaf Nation proffered six predictions for Chinese headlines in 2014. Four of those six came to pass: political discussions continued to retreat back into private spheres as social media was more closely watched, “townization” …

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Resistance Is Futile

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A chill has gripped Hong Kong. The Occupy Central movement, which advocated for open nomination rights in the 2017 election for chief executive, the city’s head of government, is entering its third month, and what …

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A Turning Point for Hong Kong


HONG KONG — Future generations may well commemorate Sept. 28, 2014 in the history of Hong Kong as the day when the famously apolitical city turned unmistakably political. Tens of thousands of protesters, calling for “true democracy” — that …

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Love Country = Love Party?


China’s ruling Communist Party has a message for Chinese citizens: You are for us, or you are against us. That’s the takeaway from a widely discussed Sept. 10 opinion piece in pro-party tabloid Global Times, in which …

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For Alibaba’s Small Business Army, a Narrowing Path


Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba plans an initial public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange expected to raise approximately $20 billion as early as Sept. 18, celebration is surely in order for the company’s executives. But for millions of …

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