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Tea Leaf Nation Has Moved!

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Dearest readers, Tea Leaf Nation has moved! You can find our signature articles featuring grassroots trends, media analysis, and censorship news at the Tea Leaf Nation channel at Foreign Policy magazine. After joining forces with …

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FP’s 2015 Pacific Power Index


  THE WORLD’S MOST IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP ISN’T THE SUPERPOWER SHOWDOWN MOST ANALYSTS WOULD HAVE YOU BELIEVE. It’s a constantly shifting, symbiotic relationship shaped by millions of people, not just officials in Washington and Beijing. They range …

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Tea Time Chat — Are You a ‘Diaosi’?

Diaosi by Samautu_Flickr

Welcome to Tea Time Chat, a real-time discussion between Tea Leaf Nation writers about the issues that matter to them.  Last month, TLN‘s Claire Zhang had this to say about China’s growing ranks of so-called “Diaosi”: “Diaosi” originated …

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