Trying to Save the Chinese Language From Itself

A map on of some of China's many dialects.

Phonemica, or xiangyinyuan, is an innovative project that documents China’s myriad dialects and languages. Founders Kellen Parker and Steve Hansen started the open-archive, ethnographic project in 2009. Both worry that the strong presence of the …

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Listen: The Graffiti Seen ‘Round the World


It’s tourist season the world over: let the shenanigans begin. After a young Chinese tourist’s defacement of an ancient Egyptian temple was photographed and shared online, the harsh backlash has gone viral in China’s blogosphere. …

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Trending on Weibo: #AIDSPatientsCanBeTeachers#

(via Flickr/SimonQ錫濛譙)

In the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, often called Canton, carriers of the AIDS virus are now allowed to teach schoolchildren. The recently-announced change in regulations marks a step forward for AIDS activists, with the …

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