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Watch: An Animated Introduction to the Chinese Army Hacking Scandal

As many China-watchers know by now, a recent earth-shaking report from U.S. cyber security firm Mandiant has alleged that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army is behind many cyber attacks against American organizations.

It’s a complex and grim issue, to be sure. For those looking for a more irreverent take on the news, Taiwan-based Next Media Animation has generously given Tea Leaf Nation permission to carry the above video. Please enjoy.


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  • usa the saint

    America attacks China on a regular basis, so stop whining like you are an innocent victim.

  • China Newz

    Hilarious. Personally, I think the Politburo itself is behind the attacks being lead by Xi Jinping himself. I think they sit in one of the temples in the Forbidden Kingdom and hack Hillary Clinton’s personal emails and Boeing’s database in between bajiu shots.

  • Manthinks

    ..and over a year later, I find the Mandiant Report, which the Author once described as “earth-shaking”, ever more Hilarious in our post-Snowden era. :)

    However,I do agree with the Author that cyberspying and mass internet snooping is “a complex and grim issue” – and I am sure average American will acknowledge that wholeheartedly – never mind the fact US Constitution had been violated thru and thru.