Rachel Lu

Gasp! Nudity on CCTV Newscast Goes Viral

What has the world come to? Is nothing sacred anymore?

The venerable propagandist institution known as the 7pm newscast on China Central Television (CCTV) usually offers comfort to those drowning in the turbulent sea of information by producing hopelessly formulaic segments on comings and goings of China’s top leadership, night after night.

Alas, the February 6 newscast was not the standard snoozefest. The segment on the surprise visit of Li Keqiang, the second-ranking member of the Politburo, to the impoverished dwellings of a migrant worker family in Inner Mongolia showed a boy who hid into the wardrobe when Li and his entourage came in. The boy emerged out of the wardrobe while Li was in the midst of a heart-to-heart with his father and slid under the sheets, unintentionally flashing the camera with his bare bottom.

It’s not the first time that the CCTV newscast allowed some spontaneity. This time, CCTV’s official Weibo account went one step further and posted the full footage of the visit.

Sadly, this could be another sign that CCTV is trying to be with it. For those who like bland out-of-touch brainwashing fare, there is nowhere to turn but North Korea.

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Rachel Lu

Rachel Lu is a co-founder of Tea Leaf Nation. Rachel traces her ancestry to Southern China. She spent much of her childhood memorizing Chinese poetry. After long stints in New York, New Haven and Cambridge, she has returned to China to bear witness to its great transformation. She is currently based in China.
  • rhizome

    ha! This is hilarious. Thanks for this post.

  • Mitchell Hough

    Hardly a day goes by that I don’t see children’s exposed genitalia on the streets.