Rachel Lu

Pollution Crisis — Everyone in Beijing is a Vacuum Cleaner

So a 500 reading of particulate pollution was considered “crazy bad” and “beyond index”?

Try 993. That is a reading recorded at a monitoring station in central Beijing on the evening of January 12, according to the Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center.

@老头子陳先森 tweets on Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter, “I am so glad that my ex-girlfriend lives in Beijing.”

@adamaspro tweets, “Everyone in Beijing is a vacuum cleaner,” while @JKinBlue wonders, “Would people in Beijing start to mutate?”

@龙格格54, who claims to be a professional who specializes in air purification, offers some self-help tips to fellow social media users, “Get a few wet towels and wave them around indoors.”

According to a map of air pollution index in China proper, much of northern and coastal China suffered from poor air quality on January 12.


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Rachel Lu

Rachel Lu is a co-founder of Tea Leaf Nation. Rachel traces her ancestry to Southern China. She spent much of her childhood memorizing Chinese poetry. After long stints in New York, New Haven and Cambridge, she has returned to China to bear witness to its great transformation. She is currently based in China.
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