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Spotted on China’s Twitter: Chairman Mao, Online and Ready to Chat?

China’s late Chairman Mao Zedong has apparently gotten posthumously web-savvy. On December 2, reporter Pu Baoyi (@朴抱一) posted the following image on Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter. It reads:

Yesterday, after a meal at a cafeteria, my wife went to pay and took out a 100 Renminbi note. After taking a look at it, she put it back in her purse and paid with another bill. While the waiter was getting change, my wife showed me the bill she’d just tucked away…

Wife: Here, this is not normal money.

Husband: How not?

Wife: Chairman Mao’s QQ number is on the front.

QQ is a popular online chat service in China.

(Via Weibo)


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Rachel Lu

Rachel Lu is a co-founder of Tea Leaf Nation. Rachel traces her ancestry to Southern China. She spent much of her childhood memorizing Chinese poetry. After long stints in New York, New Haven and Cambridge, she has returned to China to bear witness to its great transformation. She is currently based in China.