Japanese Goods Boycotter Sports a Canon

What’s the best camera for capturing images of the recent boycott of Japanese goods in parts of China? Why, a Canon SLR camera, of course.  

At least so thought one apparent protestor (or so one might think at first glance – more on this later) sporting a vivid ‘Boycott Japanese Goods’ t-shirt complete with a crossed-out sun from the Japanese flag. It makes for a rather interesting ensemble though when the t-shirt is paired with a Canon camera strap attached to what we can only presume is a large Canon SLR camera.  

The image is making the rounds on Chinese social media networks, with most netizens chiming in to let the Canon-toting protestor know in no uncertain terms their estimate of his IQ:

@赵世龙1967二世, who re-posted the picture to his account, tweets, “It’s really better to boycott idiotic Chinese countrymen than to boycott Japanese goods. Most often it’s these idiots who drag down our country rather than the Japanese. They are easily and repeatedly used by others and don’t realize it.”   {{chinese}}[[chinese]]确实是“”抵制日货,不如抵制中国蠢货!“”更多时候,蠢货比日货更误国。因为蠢货每被利用,屡屡中枪而热血沸腾犹不自醒。[[chinese]]

@钟木养生 summons a proverb for the occasion: “Don’t be afraid of wolf-like opponents, be afraid of pig-like teammates.”  {{1}}[[1]]不怕狼一样的对手,就惧猪一样的队友[[1]]

Can’t Live Without ‘Em

Many netizens used the occasion to express their skepticism of the entire boycott. The common themes, echoed in our previous coverage of an open letter from a Japanese car owner, range from the futility of boycotting the goods of an entire country to the argument that there are far better targets for public outrage in modern China and that boycotts really hurt Chinese the most.

@無聊的柸具 tweets, “Japanese brands, technology and patents are everywhere.  Can you really boycott Japanese goods?  What a joke.” {{2}}[[2]]日本的品牌 技术 专利 我可以说 已经无处不在了 想要真正抵制日货?可笑之极[[2]]

@蓝色忧郁于鹏, who obviously knows his cameras, gets a bit more technical: “Honestly, for a SLR camera if you don’t buy Canon, Nikon or Sony then I really don’t know what you could buy. Leica and Hasselbad are too expensive and don’t have all the lenses. Linhof is just for large format photography. And China doesn’t produce any!  Conundrum!!”   {{3}}[[3]]说实话,单反不买佳能尼康索尼还真不知道买什么好。莱卡哈苏太贵而且头也不全。林哈夫又是大画幅。国产又没有!愁啊!![[3]]

@這是一個謎一個無法解開的謎 expresses his frustration that his countrymen can’t get as riled up over more important issues closer to home.  He writes: “The rich and powerful do as they will, but you don’t get mad; the education system is a pressure cooker, but you say nothing; the healthcare system is a pain, but you’re not angry; of rural villages’ troubles, you don’t see; of the unemployed’s suffering, you don’t hear; of authoritarianism’s evil, you don’t ask.  But when it comes to certain matters that common folks can’t change and make no real contribution to developing your homeland, and pose no danger to yourself, then you slap the table and get passionate and charge out to declare that there’s no negotiating when it comes to matters of territory.”   {{4}}[[4]]权贵横行,你不怒; 教育之重,你不语; 医疗之痛,你不忿; 农村之病,你不视; 下岗之哀,你不闻; 专独之恶,你不问; 可每每因了一些于民无甚增减, 于家无甚建树,于己无甚危险的事情时, 你就拍案而起了,你就热情似火了, 你就冲锋 在领土问题上没有谈判[[4]]

@黄佬斜 points to the mutually assured destruction that often results from boycotts in the age of globalization. ”What’s the point to boycotting?  The Japanese have opened so many factories in China; if you boycott them then what will the Chinese factory workers eat? For those who enjoy wasting their spare time shouting about boycotting the Japanese, could you use your brain and think about who it is that actually suffers?  If the Japanese-invested factories shut down, how many [Chinese] people will lose their jobs?”  {{5}}[[5]]抵制个毛啊,鬼子在大陆开了那么多工厂,动不动就抵制,大陆的工人吃什么?那些没事就喊抵制某某国货的时候,过过脑子好吗,到底谁损失大,日资工厂公司都倒闭了,多少人失业?[[5]]

Undercover Cop?

In an interesting twist, @黄俊杰 reports that some observant netizens have noticed that “the person in the picture is plainclothes police: there’s a bullet-proof vest inside the t-shirt (you have to look closely). And he’s wearing an ear-piece. He was taking picture as evidence at the time!  This is no ordinary imbecile.”  {{6}}[[6]]有人举报,说照片上的人是个便衣:T恤里面有防弹背心(要仔细看),耳朵戴着警用耳机。当时他正在照相取证呢!这可不是一般的蠢货 [[6]]

Under cover or not, the whole incident has inspired @湖作妃围 to hit on a potentially catchy new slogan for Canon (if only for the China market): ”Canon, recording the heartwarming moments of Japanese goods boycotts.” {{7}}[[7]]佳能,记录抵制日货的感动瞬间[[7]]

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  • Fred the Bed

    When those people start boycotting KTV, I’ll take their anti-Japanese stance seriously.

  • Fred the Bed

    When those people start boycotting KTV, I’ll take their anti-Japanese stance seriously.