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Making a difference in China is now easier than ever. For every Facebook “Like” Tea Leaf Nation receives on its Facebook page, we will donate 25 cents to the Rural China Education Foundation (RCEF). One “Like” is enough to feed a rural child their breakfast. Thirty “Likes” is enough to add a new book to a rural children’s library. One hundred “Likes” can support training for a rural teacher, and one thousand “Likes” can support a fellowship for a rural teacher. 

Students get the education that they so richly deserve. (By Marco Flagg for RCEF)

There are no strings attached. Just “Like” us on Facebook, and we make the donation. That’s it. We’ll keep donating as long as you keep “Liking,” up until we’ve pledged US$1,000.  

The RCEF’s mission is simple: Empower China’s rural students to make a difference in their communities. It supports rural teachers to deliver innovative education for children that fosters life skills and interest in their community. RCEF was founded in 2005 by three young researchers from Holland, Hong Kong, and the United States, all with family roots in rural China. It is a 501(c)(3) charity.  

Why is RCEF so sorely needed? Most students in rural China are taught using a national curriculum that is geared toward an urban lifestyle. The educational system encourages rural children to score high on achievement tests and move to the city, rather than to contribute to their surrounding communities. 

RCEF seeks to change this. It approaches rural education differently by focusing on “Service Learning.” This allows students to “learn by doing,” stressing research, collaboration, and civic responsibility.

Pick me, I have so much to contribute! (By Marco Flagg for RCEF)

Since its founding in 2005, RCEF has made a tremendous difference. In 2007, it won the prestigious Echoing Green Fellowship for the “world’s best emerging social change entrepreneurs” and established a school-based curriculum development and teacher coaching program in Shanxi Province supported by the Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, the Tiger Woods Foundation, The Global Fund for Children, and more.

Learning science at the Guan Ai School. (By Marco Flagg for RCEF)

We hope that your “Liking” Tea Leaf Nation on Facebook is only the beginning of your relationship with RCEF. Donating is easy, and it allows RCEF to continue promoting education for rural transformation in China.

So please, spread the word about this campaign and about the Rural China Education Foundation. Together, we can make a positive difference for rural children.

Great things lie ahead. (By Marco Flagg for RCEF)
RCEF students let their creativity shine. (By Marco Flagg for RCEF)
Students get the support they need. (By Marco Flagg for RCEF)
RCEF brings children outside the classroom to learn about the world around them. (By Marco Flagg for RCEF)
Students take an active community role; here, they present to local villagers about the dangers of smoking. (By Marco Flagg for RCEF)
With enough hard work... (By Marco Flagg for RCEF)
...we can give the next generation what it needs to grow. (By Marco Flagg for RCEF)

 All images by Marco Flagg for the Rural China Education Foundation.


David Wertime

David is the co-founder and co-editor of Tea Leaf Nation. He first encountered China as a Peace Corps Volunteer in 2001 and has lived and worked in Fuling, Chongqing, Beijing, and Hong Kong. He is a ChinaFile fellow at the Asia Society and an associate fellow at the Truman National Security Project.