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Chinese Netizens React to U.S. Health Care Ruling

Word traveled from here to China at the speed of an electron. From UpstateNYer via Wikimedia Commons

Exhibit #593 that the world is a small place: Chinese netizens have already reacted to the U.S. Supreme Court’s hours-old ruling on the Affordable Care Act. We pulled a small sample of interesting (not necessarily representative) comments from Weibo, China’s Twitter. At a historic moment like this, it’s worth remembering the eyes of the world are on the Stars and Stripes.

@小弟霄霖 [from Guangxi]: Evil capitalism. Why can’t Chinese socialism be as evil?

@丑人多作怪S [location unknown]:The U.S. financial situation has become [a pile of] dog sh–, and still they are [living large]. The whole world makes money in order to give it to the Yankees, eventually this good thing will come to an end.

@勤劳小考拉 [from Fujian]:When Communist Party members see a doctor it’s free, haha.

@Richard_李唐 [from Shanghai]:The path of health care reform is doubtless a bright spot for the Obama administration.

@豆麻麻-Kathy [from Shanghai]:China also needs this kind of leader, someone truly dedicated to helping common people. But it’s easy to pass a law [Eds. - not in this Congress!], the real implementation and administration is the hard part. 

@杨宵yx [from Beijing]: Of course we can’t get rid of 600 to 800 million people! It’s too hard for China to make seeing a doctor as easy as it is in the US or Europe. The system isn’t everything; the population is also a big problem. 

@ 憂_鬱_王_子 [from Guangzhou]:The mandate means that employers will have to spend more money helping employees purchase insurance. With higher costs, they’ll lay off workers, which means more unemployed and an even worse economy. 

@未品蓝山的微博 [from Nanjing]:The ruling on the bill, whether Obama is re-elected, in fact none of this has anything to do with you or me. But I really admire the fact that 26 states can file a Constitutional claim against a bill signed by the President.

@山里人杨森 [from Zhejiang]:The moon seen from the U.S. is no rounder than the moon seen from China. The U.S. has bread, so do we. The U.S. has milk, so do we. But the U.S. has something that we billion-plus Chinese will never have in our lives. What’s that? Congrats, you answered correctly, it’s a vote. 

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