Voices — If You Do Not Help Us, We Will Be Killed.

Alessio Romenzi/AFP/Getty

Chinese netizens are retweeting one microblogger’s post @贺延光 that simply read, “My nine year old son helped me translate [the text in the image]: If you do not help us, we will be killed.”  The picture is that of a Syrian child taken during an anti-regime demonstration in the city of al-Qsair, near the city of Homs where activists say Syrian forces have killed more than 200 people.  It was published by the Guardian in an article on Russia and China’s veto of a Security Council resolution aimed at stopping the massacre of civilians by the Syrian regime.

Commenting on the article, another netizen @gzsums, echoing the sentiment of international criticism directed at China and Russia’s vetoes, wrote, “China and Russia must bear moral responsibility for the dead. From this day forth, the blood of every Syrian who dies at the hands of Assad will be on the hands of China and Russia!”  @yj小兔, referring to the veto, reminded the world that, “It was the Chinese government, not the Chinese people.  Remember.”

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